Hope! – a little package

Hope sometime comes in a little package and that little package will grow properly with the believes of changing the hope into realty.  

I am using the social media, specially facebook, for last 3/4 years and i was just using the same for some specific features like chatting, uploading and checking the news feeds. it was beyond my imagination that something creative also can be done through the social media also and i thought to do something online. In one of my previous article I mentioned that my mother, Aruna Ganguly started a boutique few years back to stand on her own feet. Read Here.

But after using the facebook for 10.00 to 7.00 daily for some recreation purpose i became bored about it and then i thought that i need to do something which will make some positivism  for me and for my desire. I thought to put some value to the life, to do something which will be dual beneficial. Then i came to know about blogging and other social media also like twitter but from the college days i was less interested about technical aspects. So i did not get good marks in my Computer Science course where i was always developed wrong programming in C or C+. Actually i never got interest in some code, # or @ or ;. So programming in C or C+ was looking like rocket science to me. But i have some desire to do something for the society and for that first I have to set myself in a strong platform as without proper platform, nobody will give value to my thought and in this days one’s word never make any sense to others until there are some proofs. I thought and thought and then i decided to use my mom’s business as platform. My mom is getting old and the business should be taken care as now i believe that business is the only alternative parallel economy which will help me to survive in the near future.

I created a page of Art Hut. Started to display the boutique items and with that i thought to share the stories of art and culture. To me, just selling one product or selling in bulk may make some quick money but that never put confidence to my prospect or my page lover. Rather it will be more realistic if i share the story of a Rajasthani woman is fighting to stand on her own feet, a story of a common man who is doing embroidery to earn the bread and butter for his family. Actually i believe that promoting a product with a story or history of the same make some positive effect to the readers or buyers, a proper mix up of story with object. There should be some correlation between the artistry and the usage of that artistry.

With all these i am interested to know that what is happening where and discovered that blogging is the best way to know those and with this I can spread my words to the rest of the world with the help of blog. I can express my thought, my feelings to the world where may be someone is also thinking in the same way. I want to connect more people to get some unique idea and to portray art hut in different manner. I am also fond of some quality follower of mine who will like my exposure but not for any technical reason.

Last but not the least is to make a famous brand of my boutique and my thought. I dream that one day Art Hut will be the name of only one stop shopping for every Indian and after that it will be International. Starting from a small cottage it will be advertise in the city of Las Vegas one day. Yesss, it is my dream and dream will only be successful when the strong desire behind the same is there. I need more and more support from every readers, followers and others to nurture me and expecting that i will reach the sky which is also not my limit.

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