A rhapsody of ethnicity -The Library of Sarees

Library – when the word comes to our mind, a world of books pops up in front of our eyes but library is a collection of sources, from where we can enrich ourselves. It is not all about books only but library can be for anything related to our daily life where variety in lifestyle will not be a barrier to the middle class economic group. Oh its our wish…..

When we talk about reading, it is impossible for anyone to purchase all the books to read. So to enrich your knowledge, Library is the place which gives us the opportunity to feel the essence and to assimilate the immense domain of books. Library is a concept which was started for thinking of books but it is such a unique concept which should not be restricted to any particular subject or any specific interest. It should be a treasure house and the treasure can be anything. The main concept of library is to make people facilitate for having the things which can’t be possible to purchase every time but without purchasing they can enjoy those, they can have the pleasure of their excellence.

Taking this distinctive concept we have already added different other thoughts and now we have film libraries, digital libraries and many more. So why the art and craft are standing one step back? We can also do the revolution in the field of art.

India is a mine of artistry. Artists are reflecting their creativity in their works. But how many of us can experience them? We may buy a few. But is it enough to feel the essence completely? If we create a library, we can have them all in exchange for a little.


Art Hut is trying to take an initiative as a small part of this vast concept. We have thought to initiate the idea and have a library of our own products. We will start with our own handcrafted Sarees. We are going to have our own ”Saree Library”, where no one is bound to purchase but one can come, borrow and experience our products in exchange of a small amount for a certain time, return us and can take another one. Library is enriching us with books and knowledge from a long ago, gradually the idea is taken to other fields. Now it’s the time to implement it in the art world as well as in the fashion world. It’s time to make our Fashion Library. But really we need your feedback about the conception, need to know the viability of the project of our “Saree Library”.

Please visit our page of Art Hut in face book to check our collection and give us your feedback that how one dress can meet the expectation of hundreds.




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