The Fairy Season

The world is in a mood of fair in these days of December. Everywhere around the globe, some ceremony is going on or going to be start very soon. People are in festive mood for various reasons. Christmas is coming and after that our much awaited New Year. We will flourish our joy to get the best out of these. Art Hut is wishing a joyful December to all.

Art Hut was also a part of a fair for last one month, participated in West Bengal Handicrafts Fair, 2016 in Milan Mela Prangon, Kolkata. For last one month it was an awesome experience to enjoy the rapid changing scenario. Acquiring new customers with different moods, explaining the different boutique works to the strangers from different location and to make them understand the value of those works were the main objective of team Art Hut. We met so many people from different part of district, state and country but most importantly we met some of the International prospects from Sri Lanka, U.K and U.S.A. We made them understand the value of West Bengal handicrafts and this cottage industry. Apart from doing business, Art Hut was involved to share the stories of West Bengal’s handicrafts to the rest of the world through their activities in the stall and through their facebook page and twitter. We were honored by many persons from different part of our society for our initiatives and works. But still these are not enough to us as sky is also not the limit. It is just a opening of a new way to us and we have to walk miles. Last few years Art Hut was only busy in making profit from this handicraft fair as one platform was required to stand alone. But this year, it was something different as we were not only bounded to business purpose but we tried to interact different minded people and tried to understand their feelings regarding this fair and initiative. We tried to understand the choice of people who likes handicrafts.

Some Glimpses of Handicraft of West Bengal

“Karigorer Hat” was the place of excellence of the state. Many award winning artisan showcased their works in front of the visitor to make them speechless. They showed that a bamboo root can increase the value of a drawing room or one artificial handmade paper flower can make a garden more colourful and vibrant. Scales of Fish can make some excellent jewelry to be beautiful. With all of these, last one month was just an valuable experience to Art Hut. 

Yesterday, the end of this journey was announced for this year. So many people were united in the same ground from different state and different culture but they were united for last one month for the sake of art and culture, for the sake of creativity. It was the time to say good bye to all of them as everybody will be busy in their daily schedule from today onward but the moments we share with everybody for last one month will be remembered and those will be the oxygen for us to move on to the next level.

We want to be more experimental and more creative to portray our own artistry. We want to listen the stories of world handicraft and interested to share those stories to our readers. We welcome your ideas and thoughts to enhance us in all aspect and to grow universally. Please put your valuable feedback to us to guide us to the next level.