Be Relaxed with Khesh in this SUMMER

Khesh is a new kind of designer saree made with some old sarees in a new concept. Basically originating from Birbhum district of West Bengal, it is now available to the all the places of Bengal. 

Because of the tradition of Khesh weaving in Birbhum in the last many years, a market for old sarees has come up in some nominated places of Birbhum. The Weavers bought old saress in bulk or else they have their own suppliers who collect old saress from the village and wash them ready to sell. Many other weavers depend on householders to give them sarees in return of something essential households items. 


The Khesh weaving process is simple. The warp is with new yarn and the weft is with strips of thin cloth obtained by tearing old sarees length wise. First a old saree is picked, washed, cleaned. Then the saree or the cloth is separated thread by thread and then kept along with the other yarn kept for to weave a new saree. As the new saree is being weaved the old pieces are picked up randomly and it makes a beautiful design. Its given a symmetry. Then the sarees are given touch of either fabric paints or applique to make it more appealing. It is total handloom saree and 100% cotton. It is ideal for daily use. It can be home washed. 

It is hereby mention that the old sarees have to be of cotton in order that they tear easily. Experiments using synthetic sarees have also been undertaken, since the propensity to wear synthetic sarees is on the rise even in villages. But the problem with synthetic sarees is that they cannot be torn by hand and have to be cut by scissors. This increases the time for this process and therefore the cost. 

Art Hut also brought some colorful and gorgeous design in Khesh based on Tant in vibrant colour and design. it is best sarees in Summer to wear and ladies get more pleasure wearing this saree in this scorching heat. Need your feedback regarding our collections of Khesh. 

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Celebrate this Bengali New Year with ART HUT

Art Hut is introducing some exclusive collection stitch work and febric work on Tant in vibrant colour in this Bengali New Year. Please check your favorite one and order us for the same.

Model No. AH 1036
Material: Khadi Silk
Design: Kantha Stitch
Blouse Piece: Available with saree.

Model No. AH 1035
Material: Tant
Model No. Mix and match (Febric and Stitch)
Blouse Piece: Not available with saree.

Model No. AH 1034
Material: Fulia Tant
Design: Mix and Match (Block and Stitch Work)
Blouse Piece: Not available with saree.

Model No. AH 1033
Material: Sankar Than
Design: Mixed Work (Febric and Stitch Work)

Model No. AH 1032
Material: Malmal
Design: Block Print
Blouse Piece: Not available with saree.

Model No. AH 1031
Material: Fulia Tant
Design: Febric Work
Theme: Sahaj Path (সহজ পাঠ)
Blouse Piece: Available with saree.

Model No. AH 1030
Material: Fulia Tant
Design: Mix and Match (Febric and Stitch Work)
Blouse Piece: Not available with saree.

Model No. AH 1029
Material: Fulia Tant
Design: Mix and Match (Febric and Stitch Work)
Blouse Piece: Not available with saree.
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Kachi stitch work on Bangladeshi Tant

Presenting some exclusive designs on vibrant colours. We can customize on your choice of colour. Kachi stitch work on Bangladeshi Tant. 

Material: Bangladeshi Tant
Colour: Green
Design: Kachi stitch work (Machine Embroidery)


Material: Bangladeshi Tant
Colour: Red and Black
Design: Kachi stitch work (Machine Embroidery)


Material: Bangladeshi Tant
Colour: Red and Light Grey
Design: Kachi stitch work (Machine Embroidery)


Material: Bangladeshi Tant
Colour: Red and Pink
Design: Kachi stitch work (Machine Embroidery)


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Please drop your query on +919830505532

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ART HUT – A cottage of Creation

Today I want to share the story of a small cottage which is now a platform of creation. A story of an ordinary woman to reach her goal. The story of her struggling, managing and climbing the ladder of success. Myself Nabhajit from ART HUT. Aruna Ganguly, my mother, runs a small business of handicrafts item for last 5 years. She started her journey to be an independent contributor to the family, to run the family on a smooth manner. From her childhood she was passionate about painting and designing but as she was from a middle class family, she did not got the chance to enhance her interest properly. After that life started to move on its own way and the do’s and dont’s of a middle class family just bounded her to do only those which are acceptable in our society like maintaining the family, giving birth to a baby and then nurturing him/her was the primary duty of her. But she did not give up the hope to be independent and for that only, after so many years she had that courage to start a business of her own. She made it possible that one above 45 woman can start as per her own interest.

Now ART HUT has a permanent platform and customers and also have some good prospects. For me, it was just like a business of my mom early days but gradually as i grow, thought that it can be big, it can go further, it can move faster, it can run well if i put some effort to it and if i try from my level then it can cross the geographical barrier also. Previously I used to chat with my friends and others in the social media in my leisure but there was nothing productive in it. Then I thought that i can utilize this time by doing something for ART HUT also. With the increasing popularity of handicraft items, we can reach more people if i can make a platform on social media for this. I started to understand the policy of marketing and business through various social media and with that i made a page of ART HUT in facebook and then started my experiment to reach more people with the same interest like we have. After one month, i reached a minimum respectable people and more than 100 people just liked our page on facebook. So, my mother is not alone now, i am with her, those 100 people are with her and more are waiting to be with her.

When i was trying to build a good audience in social media like facebook, I came to know about the various aspect of blogging, creating website of my own and also learnt the merits and demerits of online media by which ART HUT can reach to more number of people. Then i started blogging. Primarily i made experiment with the collection of ART HUT and after that i just thought to share various stories related to our product and thought like BOUTIQUE. I decided that I have to make my mother’s interest to her asset as she can feel that her story will be heard to the rest of the world, a success story of a middle class woman.

Now my intention is to reach more people as i can make a more wide platform of our creation. I hope that you all will enjoy our creation by visiting our website and face book page. Your response may open a small door for us to reach to the bigger world of creation.