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We are transforming handicraft items into boutique to make it more unique. A traditional embroidery work is handicraft whereas if we can put some theme on it, then the same embroidery work becomes unique and can be called as boutique. This transformation sometimes works very good and from this, the artists get some satisfaction from the appreciation of their works and innovations and prospects also feel proud  to be unique by using the same. We expect that our readers will know the history and facts of the products what we are creating, how these will suit them and how they can be more proud by using our creation. We are trying to make our very special Cottage Industry to others in a pocket friendly price.

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The fabric you choose during summer makes a big difference in your appearance and comfy. We bring you a list of perfect picks! SILK BLENDS Don’t misinterpret silk to be a fabric meant only for winters. Silk blends, a lighter and softer version of silk made from natural fiber is considered to be an ideal summer fabric. Unlike raw … Continue reading 4 comfortable fabrics for this scorching SUMMER

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