4 comfortable fabrics for this scorching SUMMER

The fabric you choose during summer makes a big difference in your appearance and comfy. We bring you a list of perfect picks!

Don’t misinterpret silk to be a fabric meant only for winters. Silk blends, a lighter and softer version of silk made from natural fiber is considered to be an ideal summer fabric. Unlike raw or pure silk, it doesn’t stick to the body making you sweat or feel sticky. Sport a flowing silk blend dress for an evening outing. Pair it with minimal jewelry, as too much of it can make your skin itch.

When the heat becomes too much to bear, khadi comes to your rescue. The Mahatma yarn has taken the fashion world by storm. Give a modern touch to your khadi outfit by wearing a pair of khadi shorts or a shrug.


When it comes to summer wear, cotton seems to be the best option. The best thing about cotton is it makes you feel comfortable even when it is very humid. It easily absorbs the sweat from your body and helps your skin breathe making you feel cool. Pairing a cotton kurta with a pair of palazzo pants will make for a simple yet interesting look.


Linen is one of the best summer fabrics known for being the lightest of all. It is comfortable and has sweat absorbing properties. The main benefit of wearing linen during summer is that it allows easy air flow and reflects heat better. Linen saris in shades of pink, grey and lavender can add style to your evening wear. A linen sari with a quarter sleeve blouse in a slightly darker shade with a tight bun or a hairband for a perfect summer look. Opt for smart linen trousers and dresses as work-wear to make that commute to work slightly easy.


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ART HUT – A cottage of Creation

Today I want to share the story of a small cottage which is now a platform of creation. A story of an ordinary woman to reach her goal. The story of her struggling, managing and climbing the ladder of success. Myself Nabhajit from ART HUT. Aruna Ganguly, my mother, runs a small business of handicrafts item for last 5 years. She started her journey to be an independent contributor to the family, to run the family on a smooth manner. From her childhood she was passionate about painting and designing but as she was from a middle class family, she did not got the chance to enhance her interest properly. After that life started to move on its own way and the do’s and dont’s of a middle class family just bounded her to do only those which are acceptable in our society like maintaining the family, giving birth to a baby and then nurturing him/her was the primary duty of her. But she did not give up the hope to be independent and for that only, after so many years she had that courage to start a business of her own. She made it possible that one above 45 woman can start as per her own interest.

Now ART HUT has a permanent platform and customers and also have some good prospects. For me, it was just like a business of my mom early days but gradually as i grow, thought that it can be big, it can go further, it can move faster, it can run well if i put some effort to it and if i try from my level then it can cross the geographical barrier also. Previously I used to chat with my friends and others in the social media in my leisure but there was nothing productive in it. Then I thought that i can utilize this time by doing something for ART HUT also. With the increasing popularity of handicraft items, we can reach more people if i can make a platform on social media for this. I started to understand the policy of marketing and business through various social media and with that i made a page of ART HUT in facebook and then started my experiment to reach more people with the same interest like we have. After one month, i reached a minimum respectable people and more than 100 people just liked our page on facebook. So, my mother is not alone now, i am with her, those 100 people are with her and more are waiting to be with her.

When i was trying to build a good audience in social media like facebook, I came to know about the various aspect of blogging, creating website of my own and also learnt the merits and demerits of online media by which ART HUT can reach to more number of people. Then i started blogging. Primarily i made experiment with the collection of ART HUT and after that i just thought to share various stories related to our product and thought like BOUTIQUE. I decided that I have to make my mother’s interest to her asset as she can feel that her story will be heard to the rest of the world, a success story of a middle class woman.

Now my intention is to reach more people as i can make a more wide platform of our creation. I hope that you all will enjoy our creation by visiting our website and face book page. Your response may open a small door for us to reach to the bigger world of creation.